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Student Contribution: Review of The Le-Vel Thrive Experience

We received this recent review from several business students that hope to share with you how this new MLM can help your income in a way that works for your schedule.

le-vel thrive products student review

Students find that this MLM called Le-vel is especially interesting since their company focuses entirely on their nutritional supplement line Thrive. As one of the newest network marketing companies in the health space, Le-vel has carved out its’ own niche by focusing on gender-specific nutritional products. In other words, Lev-el Thrive sells nutritional products formulated specifically based upon the different nutritional needs of a man and women.

You can review the products produced by Le-Vel Thrive for yourself or read our feedback on what we recommend moving forward.

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How Students Reviewed Doterra Products For Long Term Use

doterraThe process of extraction is usually by distillation using steam. There are also other methods of extraction, such as solvent or expression methods. Essential oils are utilized in the production of many products such as cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, household detergents, and for flavoring drinks and food.

Throughout history essential oils have been used in diverse cultures for their therapeutic and medical benefits. There is a growing body of scientific evidence to support alternative health practices. This has led to the rediscovery of the great health benefits of essential oils and has given impetus to the modern holistic approaches to self care. The medical use of essential oils in the treatment of certain diseases especially cancer is now recognized and regulated in many countries. Certain essential oils are also antimicrobial and contain powerful cleansing properties. Essential oils unique chemical structure enables them to easily penetrate the skin, giving instant systemic response to topical application. Some oils are used in used as dietary aids to enhance healthy and vitality.

Essential oils are deployed in a broad range of physical and emotional health applications. They can be applied singly or in combination depending on the desired effect and the user’s experience. They can be applied through one of the three methods; as dietary supplements, topical skin application and aromatic diffusion. Use of essential oils can be simple and have life changing benefits. First time user of essential oils, should consider working with an experienced user for an enjoyable and beneficial experience. Essential oils are proven to be safe, with no or few side effects if used as directed. However, care should be taken in their use since they are highly concentrated. Also use only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and strictly adhere to the label warnings and instructions. It’s important to note that essential oils must never be applied to the eyes or inside the ear canal.

In case or redness or irritation after applying essential oils topically, simply use vegetable oil on the affected area, and not water. Pregnant women or those under medical care should consult their physician before using essential oils. To learn more about quality essential oils read the short DOTERRA review below.