Tips for College Freshmen

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Have you just completed four rigorous years of high school? Congratulations are in order. From advanced courses, to sports, clubs, civic activities, leadership engagements and a very busy social life, no doubt your high school experience was fantastic. You clearly had time to study if you’ve received an acceptance letter from your first choice university. One of the major issues many college freshmen wrestle with is the choice of majors. While you may well have a clear idea of your chosen field of study, it’s so important to keep an open mind. There are so many options on fields of study; many of which you most likely have not been exposed to.  College is the perfect place to explore and find your passions. Follow these recommendations from the college admissions experts to uncover your hidden talents.

studentsMost universities require two years of core coursework. It is in the selection of the core courses where true exploration can truly take place. Consider a course in urban planning or anthropology. Challenge yourself to take a course in a new language or develop a skill in an area that’s unfamiliar. Photography classes or horticultural classes may well peak your interest for exploration. If you’re inclined to take a photography course, consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the incredible variety of photo equipment available to professionals and amateurs alike at Canon.  Photography is a skill and hobby you can enjoy throughout your life. If you’re inclined to venture into communications, advertising or design, photography skills can always be put to use. The key is to explore areas outside of your comfort zone.

Finally, make a commitment to meet with each of your professors during their office hours the first week of classes. It’s important to establish a relationship for many reasons not the least of which is when you may need additional help as course requirements become more stringent and you’re in the market for additional assistance. Get to know at least one other student in each class. You’ll learn something from them and they’ll learn something from you. Not every class is black and white with right and wrong answers. College is a time to look at issues from all sides, develop your analytical skills and keep an open mind. Best of luck to you identifying an area of study which sparks a passion and where you can truly make an impact.…

Top Schools in Boston

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Choosing a new school for a child in Boston can be tough. Parents have a lot of different schools and, for the most part, they really can all look the same. For most, they truly find choosing a new school to be a long, drawn-out process and in a sense it is. You have to go through the checks for each school to ensure it’s an appropriate school for the child and that it offers the educational values you want them to have. It’s going to take time and patience but it can be a lot easier if you put your mind to it that is.

What Are The Top Schools In Boston?

Boston schools are utterly fantastic and there are many great ones to choose from. That can seem like a mammoth task but it can be made a lot easier if you think about it. Some of the top schools in Boston are Lexington High School, Dover-Sherborn Regional High School, Wayland High School, Newton South High School, and Weston High School. These are just five options to consider but they really all offer something unique to their students.

Does It Matter Which School Your Child Attends?

If you send your child to another school in Boston rather than the one you favored, does that mean they won’t get the same education? No, that isn’t quite the case but they will certainly experience something different. You have to remember, each and every school teaches students in a different manner so while one may offer French or Spanish lessons and teach them one way, another school may offer German and Portuguese. It can matter which school your child attends as the way they are taught will remain with them forever. That is one of the most important reasons to choose a top school in Boston so that the child learns more.

Why You Must Search For the Best School for Your Child

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To be honest, there are many who believe the best schools in Boston are the most expensive ones but, in truth, that isn’t the case. Yes, there are many private schools that ask for tuition each semester but there are also many good free schools. When it comes down to it, you must make a decision as to which school you believe is best for the child’s development and which school they will be happiest at also. There are so many amazing schools available today but you do need to be quick to enroll your child as the places can often be limited. Early registration may help secure a place for your child, so don’t be afraid to enroll them earlier than usual. for more details, visit

Give Your Child the Best

School—it’s the one time of life most children dislike and yet it’s so important. When you are choosing a new school you must consider all options. No parent wants to send their child off to a school where they’re unhappy; you want to ensure the child is taught the educational values that will stick with them throughout their lifetimes. Take your time to look at the top schools and Boston and make a careful decision.…

American Film Festivals

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Who doesn’t appreciate a good movie? Films are a beautiful form of art and if a story is told right, they can really draw in the viewer. For many film lovers, they absolutely adore film festivals and these can show new and very thought-provoking films. There are many films shown at film festivals but, sometimes, there is one or two that really stands out from the crowd and it’s those that make the festivals worthwhile. You see, there are many smaller or independent film makers creating movies with limited budgets and with a cast no one has heard of and yet, it’s those films that really hit the mark. You cannot go through life without enjoying a film festival and the American film festivals are truly amazing.

The Sundance Film Festival

One of the biggest American film festivals has to be the Sundance. The Sundance film Festival is truly one every film maker will enjoy. This is the festival for independent films and for that reason it makes it one of the most important film festivals as well. The most interesting part of the Sundance is that many newcomers trying to break into this industry got their big break because of the Sundance Film Festival. For instance, director Quentin Tarantino, who is world-famous with his very unique movies, launched his career with Reservoir Dogs. This movie was shown here at the Sundance and it helped to ensure a much larger audience saw the film. It happened with many other independently made films and that is why this film festival is so greatly adored. get more information at

The Telluride Film Festival

The Telluride Film Festival is one of the more established American film festivals as it began in 74. However, it really has showcased many big-named stars of today who back then where little known. That really is amazing and many fantastic stars and directors were able to show the best of their abilities and made a name for themselves. Today, it’s still as popular as when it first began and there are so many amazing movies shown here each year also. Danny Boyle, a world-renowned director, 127 Hours was shown here and it received a huge reception. That’s just one example and there are many more.

The Tribeca Film Festival

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This film festival only started in 2002, founded by three film makers—including Robert De Niro—and it’s one of the biggest today. The Tribeca Film Festival is one that brings together up-and-coming movies into the limelight and, again, it’s very important for many independent film makers. There have been so many who have been very much unknown and after their films have debuted at the film festival, they are well known and have really moved on in the film industry. The Tribeca Film Festival is truly one to captivate an audience and it’s one that really showcases the best talent on offer. for more details, checkout their official website.

Films Can Make You Believe

There are also many good reasons why film lovers should look at the American film festivals; many newcomers have had their work showcased in the biggest festivals and have helped boost their careers. Directors and actors have found that at times, it isn’t impossible to reach their dreams. That is another reason why the American film festivals are so important and why so many are using them each and every year. Love films, live the dream.…

5 Reasons to Pursue the Arts

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“The arts” is a subject which influences our daily lives and yet many aren’t sure how or whether they should take an interest in it. It’s not too difficult to see why people think the arts are a waste of time, as they don’t always appeal especially when you have other important matters to think of. However, the arts can be extremely important and useful. Pursuing the arts is worthwhile and the following are just five simple reasons why you should do so:

You Can Expand Your Knowledge

What do you know about the arts? Very little? Well, you aren’t alone! The arts is a very vast field and it can be very important to learn more about them, especially if you take an interest in any the activities. This is something you will want to consider and you are going to love the arts. There are so many amazing arts to take part in from live drawing to sculpting and everything in-between, it can be a wonderful and very special area to learn more about. Expand your knowledge and you are going to enjoy the arts.

You Can Pursue a Career in the Arts

If you have a real passion for the arts, this could be your path in life. Who’s to say you cannot have a career in the arts in one form or another? You do not have to be a world-class sculptor or artist to work in the arts; there are many amazing careers that cross over into the arts. You will love them and it’s a great avenue to work in also. It’s so varied—you will just adore it all.

Find a New Hobby

Today, it’s hard to find a hobby you really enjoy and can take a part in too; however, the arts offers something very new and exciting. The arts are limited, so even if you don’t have a skill or passion for one, such as painting there is always something else out there to consider instead. There are so many people who adore the arts and have sculpting as their hobby. You too can pursue the arts and find a wonderful new hobby. learn more details at

The Arts Are Varied

Too many people class the arts as painting in a local art gallery but, in truth, the arts are quite varied. There are so many areas that the arts cross into. You can love opera, enjoy a day at the theater, even if its local am-dram plays; and you can really enjoy poetry and other writing workshops. The arts are amazing because you don’t just have one or two options to look into, you have so many and that’s fantastic. You can keep your options open even if you aren’t a huge fan of attending operas on a regular basis.


It’s Enjoyable

Another big reason as to why you should pursue the arts is simply because of how fun it can be. Learning and talking part in the arts can be extremely fun and enjoyable. There are so many amazing options for you to consider and it really can open your mind to new things. Who wouldn’t want to pursue the arts whether it’s the opera or enjoying viewing new paintings in an art gallery? It can be a very new experience.

The Arts Will Open Your Eyes to Something New

Who really thinks about the arts? For most, they like the idea of taking part in the arts in one form or another such as acting and dancing but are afraid it’s not for them. However, the arts is always there and they aren’t just for a certain group of people, they are there for everyone to enjoy and take part in. you too can pursue the arts and enjoy them so much whether it’s acting, singing, dancing, sculpting or drawing.…

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