American Film Festivals

Film Fest

Who doesn’t appreciate a good movie? Films are a beautiful form of art and if a story is told right, they can really draw in the viewer. For many film lovers, they absolutely adore film festivals and these can show new and very thought-provoking films. There are many films shown at film festivals but, sometimes, there is one or two that really stands out from the crowd and it’s those that make the festivals worthwhile. You see, there are many smaller or independent film makers creating movies with limited budgets and with a cast no one has heard of and yet, it’s those films that really hit the mark. You cannot go through life without enjoying a film festival and the American film festivals are truly amazing.

The Sundance Film Festival

One of the biggest American film festivals has to be the Sundance. The Sundance film Festival is truly one every film maker will enjoy. This is the festival for independent films and for that reason it makes it one of the most important film festivals as well. The most interesting part of the Sundance is that many newcomers trying to break into this industry got their big break because of the Sundance Film Festival. For instance, director Quentin Tarantino, who is world-famous with his very unique movies, launched his career with Reservoir Dogs. This movie was shown here at the Sundance and it helped to ensure a much larger audience saw the film. It happened with many other independently made films and that is why this film festival is so greatly adored. get more information at

The Telluride Film Festival

The Telluride Film Festival is one of the more established American film festivals as it began in 74. However, it really has showcased many big-named stars of today who back then where little known. That really is amazing and many fantastic stars and directors were able to show the best of their abilities and made a name for themselves. Today, it’s still as popular as when it first began and there are so many amazing movies shown here each year also. Danny Boyle, a world-renowned director, 127 Hours was shown here and it received a huge reception. That’s just one example and there are many more.

The Tribeca Film Festival

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This film festival only started in 2002, founded by three film makers—including Robert De Niro—and it’s one of the biggest today. The Tribeca Film Festival is one that brings together up-and-coming movies into the limelight and, again, it’s very important for many independent film makers. There have been so many who have been very much unknown and after their films have debuted at the film festival, they are well known and have really moved on in the film industry. The Tribeca Film Festival is truly one to captivate an audience and it’s one that really showcases the best talent on offer. for more details, checkout their official website.

Films Can Make You Believe

There are also many good reasons why film lovers should look at the American film festivals; many newcomers have had their work showcased in the biggest festivals and have helped boost their careers. Directors and actors have found that at times, it isn’t impossible to reach their dreams. That is another reason why the American film festivals are so important and why so many are using them each and every year. Love films, live the dream.…